Turkey Day Recipes, Y’all

Why hello there, friends. I figured, since we’re in a global pandemic and lots of folks are staying home for Thanksgiving and maybe trying new recipes, I’d share some of my favorites. Enjoy!

I stand by this quote whole-heartedly.

The BEST Turkey Brine

I’m a die hard The Pioneer Woman fan. Ree has the ultimate comfort food recipes, and I love that they are simple and straightforward. She’s quite hilarious, as well. Sometimes foodie blog posts are annoying and I just scroll past to get to the recipes, but hers are worth a quick read. Anyway, onto why I dig this recipe. I never used to brine, but once I tried it, I realized how flavorful it makes your turkey. This brine has all my favorite flavors. Apples, oranges, garlic, and pepper! I promise you won’t regret this extra step!

The Best Turkey Brine

Herbed Butter Turkey Rub

Another optional step, but is so worth it. After brining and drying your turkey, the next step to make it flavorful and moist is the butter rub. Fresh herbs are essential for this. While often I use my Young Living Vitality oils for this, Martha Stewart’s recipe is pretty dang close. Give it a whirl!

Martha’s Herb Butter

Green Bean Casserole

You either love it, or hate it. I’m the former. But now that I’m a mature adult {no age jokes, please} I ditched the canned goods and started making this homemade version from A Farmgirl’s Dabbles. Hey, just let me be, ok?! If you are a green bean casserole lover, go ahead and channel your inner farmgirl vibes here. Creamy homemade mushroom gravy and fresh fried shallots? YES PLEASE!

Green Bean Casserole

Cranberry Sauce

Every American knows the can. Jellied cranberry sauce. You open it on both ends and out slides this jiggly log of gelatinous – um, cranberries? Again, another love it or hate it kind of item on the Thanksgiving table. For nostalgia purposes, I always buy a can, and it’s not half bad on a leftover turkey sandwich. But now that I’m grown {I said enough with the age jokes, ok!} I make this delicious cranberry blueberry sauce from Averie Cooks. The secret ingredient? A nice Cabernet Sauvignon! Adds delish depth of flavor, to offset the sweet and tart of the berries. I would drizzle this over vanilla ice cream, too. It’s that good!

Cranberry Blueberry Sauce

Roasted Onions

This might be the one y’all are like, what? Huh? Lauren, you crazy girl. It’s not necessarily a traditional Thanksgiving side, but it’s super delish and easy to make. Ina Garten is the GOAT when it comes to amazing dishes with flavor and class. Woman is a queen. And perfectly meme-able. Google “Ina Garten martini glass”. You won’t be sorry! But I digress. If you love onions like I do, be sure to add this to your table. The dijon vinaigrette is the chef’s kiss!

Ina’s Roasted Onions